First Time Out


First Time Out is part of a one-off collaboration between 10 museums and galleries, each one showcasing a treasure from their collection that until now has been kept behind the scenes for research.

The 10 venues have paired up to show and swap their objects. Throughout June you can see objects at their home venue, before they are swapped with their partner’s for July.

What happens when you take something from one museum and display it in another? Objects tell us different stories depending on your perspective, about past environments, cultures, innovations and events. First Time Out is a chance to share and explore different takes on the same object. You can see these treasure before they are returned behind the scenes once more.

Objects and Venues

The Science Museum has paired with the Discovery Museum in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. These are the other participating museums and their objects


On display

Set of ten ivory mathematical puzzles in a black lacquer box, made in China, 1800s

Whether you find them fun or frustrating, puzzles are valuable tools to train the mind in creative and logical thinking.

A bulb and a switch

Innovations on the route to electric light.