On Display

Vibration Station

Play with our clever boxes which recall any rhythm you tap into them, beating it back on the table top. Place them on different surfaces to hear how the sound changes and create your own unique tunes.

Lens Line Up

Take a look at a friend through our lined-up lenses. How do they look? Lenses change how we see things, making your friend look bigger, smaller or even upside down.

Light Table

Explore the beautiful properties of light at our Light Table. Bounce light rays about with mirrors, break them into rainbows or combine different colours of light to see what patterns you can make.

Separating Sand

A beautiful mixture of different sands is trapped between two sheets of glass. Turn it upside down to stir up the sand and watch as it settles into layers and patterns according to size.


Ever wanted to twirl like an ice skater or spin like a snowboarder? On Rotation Station you can feel the physics of forces in a spin.

Tipping Point

Stack your blocks up into a leaning tower, sliding each one out as far as you can. How far sideways will your tower reach before it tips over?

Wave Power

Make a splash in our four-metre-long wave tank. Send waves crashing along the tank and watch as wave power becomes electric power.

Pedal Power

Get pedalling! The energy of the turning pedals is converted into electricity. Can you power a light bulb, a radio or even a hairdryer? Which one will need you to pedal the hardest?

On the Move

An incredible mousetrap-style machine was built in a deserted warehouse in Cornwall. It ran for just one day, but we captured it on film. Watch the chain reaction unfold in Launchpad.

Wind in Your Sails

Sail one of our specially made table-top yachts at Wind in Your Sails. Can you make your yacht sail across the wind, or even into it, just by adjusting the position of the sail?