On Display

Echo Tube

You don’t need an Alpine valley or an underground tunnel to play around with echoes. Isaac Newton experimented in a courtyard, and with our huge Echo Tube you can explore your own echo in Launchpad.

Pedal Power

Get pedalling! The energy of the turning pedals is converted into electricity. Can you power a light bulb, a radio or even a hairdryer? Which one will need you to pedal the hardest?

On the Move

An incredible mousetrap-style machine was built in a deserted warehouse in Cornwall. It ran for just one day, but we captured it on film. Watch the chain reaction unfold in Launchpad.

Magnetic Building

What can you build with the power of magnetism? Create your own unique sculptures around our towers of strong magnets using metal building materials from washers to teaspoons and more...

Floating in Copper

With a little bit of patience and a steady hand, you can make metal levitate at Floating in Copper. Using two strong magnets and a big piece of copper, strange and unusual effects are revealed.

Wind in Your Sails

Sail one of our specially made table-top yachts at Wind in Your Sails. Can you make your yacht sail across the wind, or even into it, just by adjusting the position of the sail?

Wave Power

Make a splash in our four-metre-long wave tank. Send waves crashing along the tank and watch as wave power becomes electric power.