On Display

Wind in Your Sails

Sail one of our specially made table-top yachts at Wind in Your Sails. Can you make your yacht sail across the wind, or even into it, just by adjusting the position of the sail?

Magnetic Building

What can you build with the power of magnetism? Create your own unique sculptures around our towers of strong magnets using metal building materials from washers to teaspoons and more...

Bubble Wall

Sandwiched between two sheets of glass, a honeycomb of bubbles slowly creeps high above your head, is washed away, then forms all over again. Examine beautiful bubbles up close at Bubble Wall.

Big Machine

The iconic Grain Pit exhibit from the original Launchpad gallery has been reinvented for the new gallery as the brand-new Big Machine. Discover how simple machines can make moving things easier.

Build a Bridge

Can you build your own bridge out of blocks to span our table-top river? The key to this challenge is counterbalance - by adding more blocks at the edges you can stop your bridge crashing down in the middle.


Test out your circuit-building knowledge with this series of electrical challenges. Can you turn the lights on, construct a hand dryer or even wire a burglar alarm?

Watch Water Freeze

Discover the beauty of watching water freeze! See colourful crystals creep across the frozen glass, then melt bits with your fingers and watch them refreeze into a unique pattern every time.