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Mullard circuit blocks, 1965.

Mullard 10 pin 100 kcs circuit block OS1 B8 950 01 (green), with plastic pin cover, 1965. Made by the British company Mullard Ltd., these devices are complete electronic circuits, consisting of components sealed into boxes, which carry out specific l

Henry Maudslay's original screw-cutting lathe, c 1800.

Henry Maudslay's original screw-cutting lathe, c.1800. This is the machine that Maudslay used to pioneer the manufacture of highly accurate screw threads. Before Maudslay's invention, screw threads were crudely manufactured by hand. The lathe is buil

Early submarine cables and grapnel, 1858-1866.

Glazed case containing specimens of submarine cables etc:- viz: (a) two specimens of shore end and two specimens of main cable of each of Atlantic cables, 1858, 1865 and 1866; (b) two specimens of grapnel rope used in recovery of 1865 cable; (c) two

Plane table outfit, 1745-1755.

This plane table was made by Benjamin Cole. Plane tabling is a method of survey which allows observations to be plotted directly on a map by a surveyor in the field. Modern versions are still used today for filling in or updating detail on street pla

Circumferentor, 1750-1763.

This circumferentor was made by George Adams of London, one of the top instrument makers of the day. It was used between 1750-1763 on the survey of the Mason-Dixon line, in America. The instrument is inscribed in an engraved circle; 'Geo: Adams LONDO

Clocking-in machine, 1930.

This time recorder, made by the National Time Recording Co. Ltd., of London, was used at the Royal Aircraft Establishment, Farnborough, Hampshire up to 1976 to record the times of arrival and departure of workmen so that their wages could be calculat

Wind tunnel models of Concorde, 1955-1965.

Wind tunnel Models of Delta shaped Merged fuselage , elongated Narrow Delta , and hollowed out undersurface models in Concorde wing shape developement. In 1959 the Supersonic Transport Aircraft Committee recommended the construction of a fleet of lon

Original pilot Bessemer converter, 1856.

Sir Henry Bessemer (1813-1898) was an English inventor and engineer who invented a cheap process for maufacturing steel. He patented a process by which molten pig iron was converted to steel by blowing air through it in a Bessemer converter.This remo

Jumper produced with wool taken from Dolly the sheep, 1998.

Jumper knitted from the first fleece of the sheep named 'Dolly' which was the first animal to be born as a result of cloning an adult cell.

Original mirror for William Herschel's 40 foot telescope, 1785.

The astronomer, Sir William Herschel made this 48-inch concave metal mirror for his '40-Foot Telescope' at Slough, England. Cast in 1785, the mirror is made of speculum, a bronze alloy with arsenic for a more lustrous finish. Weighing only half a t