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The 'Tell Bell' educational game, English, 1928-1932.

The 'Tell Bell' educational game, made by Knapp Electrical Inc, a division of P. R. Mallory & Co. Inc.. An educational toy requiring the player to answer multiply choice questions involving mathematics. Answers are selected with template cards and

Farey's ellipsograph, 1817.

Farey's ellipsograph dated 1817 in mahogany case. An ellipsograph is used to draw ellipses, which consist of a combination of two circular motions. The drawing pencil is fixed in position in a central ring, which then revolves. At the same time, the

The 'Brical' British calculator, 1905.

Brical' adding machine in case with two bone styluses. Patented by H and M Dickinson, the 'Brical' was Britain's answer to the French circular 'Tronset' instrument and is a modification of it. It was designed to add sums of money from 1/2d to £500.

Klein bottle, 1995.

A single surface model made by Alan Bennett in Bedford, 1995. It is a Klein bottle which has been cut to form two single-twist Mobius strips. A Klein bottle is a surface which has no edges, no outside or inside and cannot be properly constructed in t

Cylindrical form of Napier's bones, c 1700.

Napier's bones, cylindrical arrangement in wooden box with ten figured rollers; inside lid inscribed "This box was the identical property of the author of ye Logs, Napier 1824" from the library of the Lord Napier and Ettrick. This type of Napier's b

'Baby Calculator', 1958-1962.

`Baby Calculator' stylus adding device by Glenview, Illinois, USA, c. 1960. Like the Exactus, this is one of a number of simple stylus machines introduced in the mid 20th century. It performs multiplication and division by repeated addition and subtr

School exercise book, 1814.

The maths exercise book comprises hundreds of mathematical problems and calculations in the fields of numeration, trigonometry, navigation, astronomy etc. Includes numerous diagrams and several pen and ink drawings of rigged three-masters. Compiled b

School exercise book, English, 1862.

Mathematical exercise book for Master F. Ashton attending at Mr. Knagg's Classical Mathematical & Commercial Academy at Westow Hall, Kirkham near York, dated Oct. 11th, 1862. Printed by Bean Stationer, Leeds. Small private academies provided most of

Mechanical counter, 1888.

6 figure engine counter by Schaeffer and Budenberg of Manchester, 1888. The counter could be used to count revolutions of a piece of mechanism or reciprocating actions.

Wages tables, 1850-1855

Ready reckoner giving the value of discounts of 10%, 15% and 20% on quantities between 15 and 36. This was probably a one-off instrument for use in a particular shop or workshop.