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Variation on the Klein bottle, 1995.

A single surface glass vessel made by Alan Bennett in Bedford, 1995. Its form is a variation on the Klein bottle with an inlet passing through the vessel which when cut forms a pair of single-twist Mobius strips. A Klein bottle is a surface which has

'Little Professor' electronic calculator, 1980.

Little Professor' calculator, children's working educational toy / game, 1980. Electronic calculators were now low cost available items which could be targetted at children and those with straightforward requirements. This example was exhibited in th

School exercise book, 1814.

The maths exercise book comprises hundreds of mathematical problems and calculations in the fields of numeration, trigonometry, navigation, astronomy etc. Includes numerous diagrams and several pen and ink drawings of rigged three-masters. Compiled b

School exercise book, English, 1862.

Mathematical exercise book for Master F. Ashton attending at Mr. Knagg's Classical Mathematical & Commercial Academy at Westow Hall, Kirkham near York, dated Oct. 11th, 1862. Printed by Bean Stationer, Leeds. Small private academies provided most of

Mechanical counter, 1888.

6 figure engine counter by Schaeffer and Budenberg of Manchester, 1888. The counter could be used to count revolutions of a piece of mechanism or reciprocating actions.

Wages tables, 1850-1855

Ready reckoner giving the value of discounts of 10%, 15% and 20% on quantities between 15 and 36. This was probably a one-off instrument for use in a particular shop or workshop.

Improved form of mechanical counter, late 19th century.

Harding's improved counter by Harding, Richardson, Rhodes and Co. Ltd., Leeds. Revolution counters were devised to keep a record of the operation of machinery.

'Numeric Demonstrator', c 1900.

Numeric Demonstrator', an elementary teaching aid patented by Ethel Linay in about 1900.. This elementary arithmetical teaching apparatus consists of ten wooden rods with squared paper pasted on them in order to show multiplication visually.

Adding machine, c 1910.

S & N adding machine by Seidel & Naumann, Dresden, serial no. 2398, in fitted box with stylus and instructions. The Seidel and Naumann adding machines used chain drives and a stylus. The numbers to be added were pulled down to the base bar and then a

'Consul' the Educated Monkey, 1916.

Consul' the Educated Monkey. A mathematical toy calculator patented by William Robertson in 1916 and made by the Educational Novelty Company of Dayton, Ohio, USA. When each of the monkey's feet are moved to point at two numbers, the monkey's hands m