Pattern Pod is a hands-on gallery that was created especially for children from 5–8 years of age and their parents.

Like scientists, children explore the world by trying to make predictions about events happening around them. It’s often easier to make these predictions if these events repeat themselves or if there is a pattern to them.

Using truly amazing multi-sensory exhibits this contemporary gallery looks at the many types of patterns in the world around us and encourages children to recognise and copy patterns – or create entirely new ones of their own. Like the other interactive galleries in the Museum, Pattern Pod also encourages learning through play and exploration, enabling children to develop key science skills in a fun and stimulating way.

There’s something for grown-ups too with touch-screen displays giving fascinating insights into the science behind the exhibits and the ways in which children play and learn.

On display

Footprint Patterns

Hop, crawl or waddle to find the patterns in living things.

Fractal Patterns

Plant a shape and watch it grow.


Finger painting without the mess.

Penrose Tessellations

Just two shapes - endless possibilities.