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Parnall 'Auto Dry' tumble drier, c 1958.

"AUTO-DRY" Domestic electric tumble dryer, by Parnall (Yate) Ltd., 255 North Circular Road, London NW10, c. 1958

Sunbeam 'Mixmaster' food mixer, c 1953.

Sunbeam 'Mixmaster' food mixer, by Sunbeam Corporation, Chicago, c.1953.

'Atomic' espresso coffee maker, c 1950.

Atomic' espresso coffee maker, by A. & M.G. Sassoon, London, England. Brit. Pat. 633988/47, c. 1950.

Original Singer sewing machine, 1853.

Example of original pattern Singer sewing machine of 1851, made c. 1853. This lock-stitch machine is one of the first built by Isaac Merritt Singer (1811-1875) in accordance with his patent of 1851. This machine was originally called the 'Jenny Lind'

'Clem' universal travelling iron, c 1954.

Clem' universal travelling iron, electric, patent no. 604081, variable voltage, with flex and light socket adaptor, and iron stand, in original box (with instructions), 1948-1960

Child's china teaplate, c 1922.

Child's china teaplate, with cartoon bearing the legend "2ZY Manchester calling"; 1922-1923

Bush television receiver, type TV22, c 1950.

At the end of the 1940s / early 1950s, a number of large regional television transmitters were built to extend the BBC's television service across the UK. As each region used a different frequency, receiver manufacturers produced a different version

Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932.

Micro Perophone radiogramophone, 1932, restored 1968. 5-valve receiver with 10 inch 78 rpm turntable mounted vertically where speaker would normally be; hinges down for use. Basically a Regentone RG670 radio with Simpson's direct-drive synchronous tu

Primax moving iron loudspeaker, c 1924.

Primax loud speaker (sectioned)

Sony Walkman with headphones, c 1980.

Sony 'Stowaway' stereo cassette-recorder, 1980, model TCS-300. This was one of the earliest cassette players intended to be used while on the move. The small size was made possible by omitting a loudspeaker, listening being via headphones. The equipm