By focusing on animals, the Veterinary History gallery provides a fascinating contrast to the large human-centred Science and Art of Medicine gallery that dominates the fifth floor of the Museum.

Placed at the centre of the gallery is a stunning life-sized anatomical model of a horse by the famed 19th-century French model-maker Louis Auzoux. Around this are set a series of display cases in which veterinary themes are explored through objects, pictures and text.

From instruments for assisting with animal births to poleaxes and ‘humane killers’ used for slaughtering, the Veterinary History gallery unsentimentally examines our working relationship with animals.

On display

Anatomical model of a horse, c 1850-1880.

A beautiful half-scale anatomical model of a horse by Louis Thomas Jerôme Auzoux

Tail docking machine, probably English, c 19th century.

Tail docker, steel and wood, probably British, 19th century


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