On Display

Stanford-Binet intelligence test

This tempting toy-box hides a terrible secret.

Electrotherapy machine

Can you spot a fake smile?

Revital Cohen artwork

Should you tell your family about diseases they could inherit from you?

Artificial vision system

It’s early days, but this bionic eye is restoring people’s vision.

Stephen Wiltshire pen and ink drawing

Stephen Wiltshire is an artist who draws and paints detailed cityscapes.

90-channel prototype MRI helmet

You’d wear this helmet during an MRI scan to construct a picture of your brain from the magnetic behaviour of water molecules.

Sailing chart of the Marshall Islands in Micronesia

On their trading voyages, Polynesian seafarers judged the distance they had travelled with charts.

Memory box

Until science comes up with more treatments, aids such as this Memory Box can help people reconnect with their memories.