The Science of IMAX

The term 'IMAX' comes from the words 'Image Maximum' and the IMAX Experience can be described as 'the most powerful and involving film experience possible'.

IMAX Camera

The difference between the IMAX Experience and watching a film at a conventional cinema is the feeling that you don't merely watch a film - you feel as if you are actually there - inside the human body, fighting for survival in Antarctica or plunging into the depths of the sea.

The key to this experience is cinema's largest film frame, being projected by the world's most sophisticated projector onto a huge screen that encompasses the viewer's peripheral vision.

IMAX Film Format

Conventional cinemas run 35mm film. Each IMAX frame has 10 times the surface area of that of 35mm film allowing 10 times more information to be captured.IMAX film is ten times the size of normal cinema film

When the resulting images are projected, their amazing quality combined with full use of peripheral vision, plus the clarity of the sound system, create the illusion that you are really 'in the picture' and not just watching it.