Art in the Science Museum? Have we lost the plot? Not at all. Come and discover how the once opposing worlds of art and science have finally been united in a spell-binding blend of inspiration and innovation. It’s art, Jim, but not as we know it...


Chemistry and Materials

Man in a laboratory, 1949

"Wanted: Beer tester for home of the future. Steel wedding dress and cardboard chair optional. Glass bridge and plastic car a must." Check out the wild and wacky ways that materials science and chemistry is turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.


Communications and Computing

Talk With Me Barbie doll, USA, 1997

Is that a dict-a-phone in your pocket or have you just been to the Science Museum? Come and discover what the world was like when phones were phones, computers were car-sized and blogs were something you put on the fire.


Current Science

Two freeze dried genetically engineered mice, 1988

Who are you? Where are you going? And will you recognise yourself when you get there? As the pace of change picks up, can you really afford to leave one foot in the past? Do yourself a favour and find out what the future holds for us all.



Lightning, 1899

They huffed and they puffed and sparked and they arced and they changed the world forever. Think energy is all about sports drinks and chocolate bars? Come and find out just how wrong you can be.



Isambard Kingdom Brunel, English railway engineer and inventor, 1857

When the finest minds come together to harness the forces of nature the results can be truly awesome. On land, on sea or in the air, the very best engineering inhabits a zone where the boundaries of technology and beauty become blurred. Enter the zone.



Wind farm, Wales, 1997

It's two in the morning and the birds are singing, the ice caps are melting and the bluebells are blooming - in January. The beginning of the end or time to make like a Mediterranean? The environment: there's no getting away from it.


Everyday Things

Woman taking milk from a fridge, 1950

What's a video recorder, grandma? From hand-cranked washing machines to three-channel televisions, we've got a freakshow’s worth of yesterday's must-have gadgets. Catch them now: it might just be your last chance to see them in captivity.


Medicine and Biology

Netsuke inscribed with acupuncture meridians, Japanese, 18th-19th century

Are you addicted to aspirin? Could you survive without cough mixture? How would you cope with the common cold if neither of these necessities existed? Come and learn the shocking truth about what life was like before it stopped being a game of chance.


Physics and Maths

Albert Einstein

The Science Museum: we love geeks. Come and discover the maths and science behind satellite navigation, WAP phones, MP3 players and all sorts of other old and new technologies. Oh, and we’ve got the famous Launchpad gallery – physics made phenomenal.



Astronauts of Apollo 7, 1968

The Moon landing: humanity's finest achievement or a Cold War technological cul-de-sac? Enter a realm where science fiction meets science fact and dreamers pushed weapons of war into outer space.



You’re one of the luckiest humans in history. You can travel faster, further and higher than any of your ancestors. Play you cards right and you might just reach the Moon. Isn’t it about time you found out how you got so lucky? Take a trip around our terrific transport collection.