What's your problem?

    Are you annoyed by cartons that don’t pour properly, or finding that you have been walking round with your flies undone?

    Here at the Science Museum we are surrounded by the most amazing examples of problem solving. Our wonderful collection of inventions and gadgets use science and technology to solve problems and make the world a better place.

    And now we're interested in the everyday problems that you wish we could solve.

    Would you like to see a product that warns you if you are about to step in some dog poo, or tells you if you have forgotten something when you leave the house in the morning? Would you like to see a way of stopping people talking too loudly on their mobile phones, or chomping food with their mouths open?

    Tell us what problem you’d like to see solved - as silly or important as you like.

    We’ll choose a handful of the best, and put them to our inventor in residence, Mark Champkins, to solve. We'll then cover the process that he goes through to invent a cunning product solution for your problem, uncovering the thought process, the experimentation, and the prototyping and development that is takes to devise a solution.

    Send your suggestions to whatsyourproblem@sciencemuseum.org.uk.

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    Image: Question Mark Squircle by Xurble