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Corporate partnerships

Join us in inspiring futures.

Our goal is to inspire the creative-thinkers of the future to get involved with the incredible scientific and technological innovation occurring around us. It’s an ambitious mission—one we cannot achieve without the ongoing and invaluable support of our partners from the business community.

Every company that requires a STEM-literate employee base, or has an interest in promoting greater public understanding of the role of technology and science in our daily lives, has a stake in this vision. 

Global names such as Bloomberg, BP, GSK, and Samsung have all enjoyed long-term partnerships with our museums and have enabled us to: 

  • Inspire young talent
  • Reach new international audiences
  • Introduce ground-breaking interactivity
  • Open experiences up to groups who might otherwise never have engaged with our museums
  • Engage our global audience in innovative ways by improving the quality of our digital spaces
A Conversation with Bill Gates and

In turn, each of these partners has benefited from alignment with an inspiring, innovative and exciting institution that spearheads scientific debate, offers a powerful global brand platform, brings to public consciousness some of the most pressing economic and social topics of our time and sparks passion in current and future generations of customers and employees. 

We take a consultative approach to our partnerships, which opens the door to collaborative opportunities to: 

  • Achieve your business objectives in creative and tangible ways
  • Showcase your ingenuity and innovation and engage directly with visitors
  • Develop unique employee, customer and stakeholder engagement opportunities
  • Demonstrate your commitment to addressing some of the most urgent scientific challenges of our time

The convening power of our museums also provides a powerful platform from which to speak to stakeholder groups, including your customers, industry leaders, academics and government.

Together, let’s start a conversation with the power to touch millions.

‘We are proud to be supporting the Driverless: who is in control exhibition at the Science Museum. Our contribution to this important exhibition builds on our ongoing commitment to the museum’s hugely successful Mathematics: The Winton Gallery. The museum’s aim of inspiring young people about STEM subjects is mirrored by MathWorks. We all have a responsibility to inspire the engineers of tomorrow. Engaging them in visionary projects, such as autonomous vehicles, is key to this.’

Sham Ahmed, Managing Director, MathWorks UK

We are proud to be in partnership with a fantastic range of businesses: