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After school courses FAQ

What can I expect from Fire Tech Camp coding, robotics and tech courses at the Science Museum?

There will be two courses running at the Science Museum Kano Computer Making Adventure and Robotics with Ozbot. 

Courses include:

  • Enthusiastic instructors
  • 8:1 student: teacher ratio
  • All necessary equipment
  • USB Flash drive for software and saving work
  • Any cheat sheets or software used in the course*
  • Wonderlab Annual Pass

*some software only available as trial. We arrange a discounted rate with the publishers for our campers when possible.

Kano Computer Making Adventure
Using the Kano kit, students will learn how to build a computer, use basic graphic design skills, code basic games in Python, and make music with Sonic Pi. The Kano computer making kit is based around the Raspberry Pi micro circuit board.

Robotics with Ozbot
Campers will use the Ozobot Bit robots to explore their creativity while learning key programming and engineering concepts. They will design challenges, solve mazes and even recreate famous movie scenes, all with the Ozobot Bit robots.

Does the Science Museum offer their own robotics and coding courses? 
The Science Museum offers a world class informal science learning programme and welcomes just under half a million school visitors annually. After school classes have not traditionally formed part of the Museum’s offering so working with Fire Tech Camp enables the museum to widen its learning offer.

Who are Fire Tech Camp and what do they do?
Fire Tech Camp gives children the opportunity to create with technology through a series of exciting and innovative courses and workshops at various locations across the UK. Full details can be found at 

Are the after school courses the same as other Fire Tech Camp courses? 
Yes, the courses are very similar to other Fire Tech coding, robotics and tech courses. Students booking onto the courses at the Science Museum will benefit from the Museum’s resources and will receive a Wonderlab annual pass allowing access to the Wonderlab gallery. 

How Do I Book an after-school course? 
Courses can be booked directly with Fire Tech Camp. Visit the Fire Tech Camp website for full course and booking details.  Direct any questions you may have about the courses to

Where are the courses located? 
Fire Tech Camp after school courses at the Science Museum will be held in the Wonderlab picnic area on Level 3. Attendees should enter through the main Museum entrance on Exhibition Road and use the stairs behind the information desk, or the lifts between the shop and Energy Cafe. Fire Tech Camp tutors will be in the picnic area wearing branded t-shirts. 

Who is responsible for children whist they are attending a course at the Science Museum? 
Fire Tech Camp tutors will remain responsible for all students for the duration of the course. Students must be signed in and out with a member of Fire Tech Camp staff.