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Astronights tickets terms and conditions


Astronights is an e-ticketed event, therefore e-ticket terms and conditions apply.


You must tell us in writing at least 28 days in advance of the Astronights date if you wish to cancel or reduce numbers.  After this time you will no longer be eligible for a refund.


Adults must take full responsibility for all children in their group whilst in the museum. This responsibility includes: 

  • Listening to Science Museum staff and following their instructions 
  • Staying with your group at all times 
  • Addressing the behaviour of children in your group if they are impacting on the enjoyment of other campers 
  • Ensuring your group doesn’t disturb those who are sleeping

All adults in the group must abide by the following rules: 

  • No smoking, including e-cigarettes, in the building
  • No alcohol 
  • No candles or knives for birthday cakes 

If our staff think you may be causing unreasonable offence to other visitors, impacting on the enjoyment of other campers or are endangering yourself, others, our property or our collections, they will ask you to stop. Our staff have the authority to escort you from the museum premises if necessary.