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Science Museum

Games and apps

Explore our collection, complete brain-teasing puzzles or learn about science with our range of science games and apps.

We've had to retire some of our older games as they no longer work in modern browsers. You can still find them on an archive version of our website, but they are not supported.

Rugged Rovers

Design and test your own all-terrain space rover! Can it jump gaping canyons and cross treacherous boulder fields to travel the furthest and be today’s top rover? Available for Apple and Android devices.

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Transmission challenges you to create increasingly complex networks, weaving connections to communicate ever greater amounts of information. Available for Apple and Android devices.

Supported by Bloomberg Philathropies

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InfoAge+ features four creative challenges that will help you get more from your visit to the Science Museum’s amazing Information Age gallery. Complete the activities and beat the Museum to win achievements. This app is available on iPhone, iPad and Android.

Supported by Bloomberg Philanthropies

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Splash! is an interactive bathtub for preschool children, which teaches them about floating and sinking through play. Fill the bath up, change the temperature, play with bath toys or pull the plug out to start all over again!

Available for Android devices.

Produced under licence from SCMG Enterprises Ltd. Science Museum trade mark ® SCMG. Every purchase supports the Museum. Created with GR/DD. Engaging audiences with compelling digital ideas. GR/DD is a market leading interactive agency that creates award winning solutions through big ideas, design and technology.