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Once you’ve made your booking, this page will help you get ready for your visit.

Key things to do before your visit:

  • Check your confirmation letter. It shows what activities have been pre-booked for you. Tell us immediately if things are not as you were expecting. We may not be able to make changes at a later date.
  • Plan time to visit the open access galleries, fitting them in around any pre-booked sessions—use our trails and apps to help students explore.
  • Check for gallery closures that might impact on your plans.
  • Ensure you have a copy of your confirmation letter to bring with you on the day.
  • Download and print the museum map (A3 version or A4 version) to find your way around. The map shows the location of galleries, event venues, picnic areas and toilets. Make copies for accompanying adults too,
  • Show this film to students to help set the scene for your trip:


Where can we eat lunch?

We don't pre-book lunch areas, but you are welcome to use:

  • The picnic terraces on Level -1
  • The picnic area on Level 3
  • Any quiet uncarpeted corners of the Museum (except the Group Entrance area).

Be careful not to block through-routes, doors or stairs, and please tidy up rubbish once you have finished eating.

You may not eat packed lunches in the Museum's cafés.

Snacks and drinks can be bought from outlets next to the picnic areas on Level -1 and Level 3.

What happens if we arrive late?

Let us know as early as possible on 020 7942 4777 and we will do our best to rearrange any pre-booked activities for you.

Which entrance do we use? 

On weekdays you will enter via the Group Entrance on Imperial College Road. See our map.

At weekends and on bank holidays, use the Main Entrance on Exhibition Road.

Can we store coats and bags?

On weekdays during term time free storage for coats and small bags is allocated on a first-come-first-serve basis on arrival at the Group Entrance. Space is very limited so bring as little as possible, in case we are not able to accommodate your belongings.

At weekends and during holidays you will need to use the public cloakroom (charges apply).

At any time large bags and suitcases will need to be deposited in the public cloakroom (charges apply).

Do you have a risk assessment?

Find health and safety information to help you complete your risk assessment.

Our insurance confirmation letter (PDF) provides details about our public liability insurance.

Why do I need to stay with my group all the time?

If you are not with your students our zonal evacuation procedure could result in them being evacuated while you are in an unaffected part of the building, or vice versa. You must stay with your group for their safeguarding.

Is there a code of conduct?

The Museum is a public place so please remind students to respect other visitors, exhibits and museum staff. Poor behaviour could mean that students are asked to leave.

Can students touch the exhibits?

Outside of the hands-on galleries, many irreplaceable exhibits are on open display so you can get close to them. To preserve their longevity, please remind students not to touch or climb on them.

Can we take photos?

Handheld photography and filming are permitted, except in the IMAX Cinema. Tripods may not be used.

Can we visit the shop?

Our shops get very busy, so we recommend visiting in small groups across the day rather than just before you leave. Your help in assisting students with their purchases is invaluable, especially getting money ready at the tills.

Which are the best toilets to use?

Toilets are located throughout the Museum with a larger block near the picnic area on Level -1. 

All of our toilets may be used by children and adults.  Toilets on Level 3 near to Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery are unisex facilities.

There are toilets within Wonderlab for use by groups with a session booked in that gallery.

Toilets at the Group Entrance are limited and get busy so we suggest using facilities elsewhere in the museum.

Is my group eligible for free travel?

If your school group is based in London, you may be eligible for free travel under the Transport for London School Party Travel scheme.

Can I cancel my booking?

You can change or cancel charged activities up to 28 days before your visit. Please tell us about changes in writing including the order number from your confirmation letter

After the 28-day deadline your organisation is liable for the cost of the charged activities you booked even if you do not take up the places. Please read our full booking and cancellation terms.