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Careers Uncovered—Schools

In this 60-minute session, your pupils will meet real-life technical professionals from top organisations in the UK and experience what it’s like to do their job.

Through hands on activities, Q&As and interactive exhibits, pupils will discover various career options, the impact they make, and the skills needed for different roles. 

Join us in Technicians: The David Sainsbury Gallery to mark Black History Month, Green Careers Week, National Apprenticeship Week and other moments throughout the academic year when we run these career sessions.

What to expect

  • Take part in challenges and meet technical professionals in a fun and relaxed way.
  • Participate in hands-on careers-based activities.
  • Talk to real-life technical professionals about their careers, jobs and why they do the work they do.
  • Complete a quiz and get access to 100 different role profiles sharing useful information such as starting salaries, entry requirements and job availability.
  • Get hands-on with interactive exhibits simulating job-related tasks.

By the end of the session, pupils should be able to recognise their own skills, identify what they enjoy and understand how this can help them to find a fulfilling career. 

This session will help in achieving the Gatsby’s Good Career Guidance Benchmarks by providing opportunities for pupils to experience workplace environments and encounter employees. 

Scheduled dates