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Our new gallery celebrates engineers and their extraordinary stories across four themes: Bodies; Lives; Connections; and Creating. For ages 11 upwards (KS3+) 

Learn who engineers are, how they work, what inspires them and how the technologies they create influence lives all over the world. Introduce your group to iconic objects such as the first digital camera, the cutting-edge CMR ‘Versius’ surgical robot arm and a miniature atomic clock depended upon by the entire GPS system. 

These stories sit within four distinct sections that support STEM and Design and Technology curriculum links:  

  • Bodies will look at how controlled drug delivery and surgical robots place people and their bodies at the heart of precision engineering practice. 
  • In Lives​, LED lighting and digital imaging sensors​ illustrate how engineers’ powers of visualisation shape technology to new and successful outcomes. 
  • In Connections​, GPS, internet and web technologies represent engineering as a connected practice, with diverse teams enabling the connections humanity depends upon to thrive. 
  • Creating​ looks at how engineers are creative people. Their imaginative ways of thinking are central to developing amazing innovations which can change the world. 

The Engineers gallery will also celebrate our engineering heritage and showcase innovations through the global lens of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering—the world’s leading award for engineers—with current and past prize winners featured throughout.

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