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See our incredible aircraft tracing the story of powered flight in this unforgettable gallery. Recommended for KS1 upwards (ages 5+).

With real aircraft suspended overhead, smaller models, aviation clothing, and aero-engines, the gallery offers opportunities to follow several cross-curricular themes. Objects on display include:

  • A full-sized replica of the Wright Flyer
  • Amy Johnson’s famous aircraft Jason
  • A Spitfire
  • A Jump Jet
  • A complete slice of a Boeing 747 airliner

Gallery Guide

Use our practical guide to help you make the most of this gallery.

It includes a map of the gallery, key objects not to be missed and discussion questions to try out with your group during the visit.

This gallery is open access and you can explore at any time during your visit. We do not allocate specific time slots so you can fit it around other activities that you may have booked.

This page is for educational groups; for general visitor information, please see the main gallery page.


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