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Follow the exhilarating preparation, liftoff, landing, and return of the historic Apollo 11 mission to set foot on the Moon. Recommended for Year 6 upwards.

Combining never-before-seen footage and a trove of newly discovered audio recordings, this film documents the flight from the perspectives of the team in Mission Control, the thousands of spectators on the ground and the astronauts themselves. It's an inspiring insight into the teamwork work and ingenuity that led us into space.

See the Apollo 10 Command Module, used in the dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 mission, in our Making the Modern World gallery.

Booking terms for educational groups apply to this event.

Our film programme is released about three months in advance, although we schedule the films on term time Mondays and Fridays further ahead. Please come back to this page in a couple of weeks if you are looking for other dates.

Please note that the IMAX Cinema will be closed for refurbishment from January until Summer 2020. 

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