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Atmosphere – school info

This gallery is ideal for cross-curricular work and specific topics such as the carbon cycle and the greenhouse effect. Recommended for KS3 upwards.

Find out about the science of the climate system: how has the climate changed in the past, and how are scientists improving their understanding of it?

Discover how scientists have predicted future climate changes, and the developments that will help respond to these changes.

This immersive gallery combines interactive exhibits with objects from the Science Museum's collection and loans from around the world in five thought-provoking zones:

  • Exploring the climate system—science can show us how the climate works and what causes it to change.
  • Exploring Earth's energy balance—science can show us how greenhouse gases work and why they really matter.
  • Exploring the carbon cycle—science can show us carbon's global pathways and how we're causing them to change.
  • Exploring what might happen—science can track what's already changing and help us imagine the future.
  • Exploring our future choices—science and technology are already helping, but what are our options for tomorrow?

The Science Museum developed the content for this gallery through extensive research and engagement with scientists and experts, including expertise from the Met Office as principal content contributor.

This gallery is open access and you can explore at any time during your visit. We do not allocate specific time slots so you can fit it around other activities that you may have booked.

This page is for educational groups; for general visitor information, please see the main gallery page.

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