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Experience life on the International Space Station as you are taken on a journey around our home planet. Recommended for students aged 7 and over.

See fantastic images of the Earth from the Space Station and gain a new understanding of how wonderful and unique our planet is. See the world light up at night and and enjoy natural spectacles such as the Northern Lights from a unique viewpoint. Discover how the Earth is changing and how much power we have to protect it.

This film features footage shot by the crew members of their lives and work on board. Learn what it takes to survive in space as astronauts share their experiences, including Christmas dinner on the International Space Station. Find out about the experiments they perform, the challenges of space travel and their new appreciation for Earth. 

A Beautiful Planet is great for topics about Space and Climate and will help students understand about humanity’s impact on Earth.

Our booking terms for educational groups apply to this event. If you're a general visitor, please see the main event page.

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