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Bugs! 3D is a live-action IMAX film about the dramas of bug life in the tropical rain forest. Recommended for students aged 5 to 16.

Trailer for Bugs! - A Rainforest Adventure

Bugs! 3D follows the life cycles of Hierodula (a mantis) and Papilio (a butterfly), from their births to their inevitable encounter, when predator meets its prey.

But we soon learn that Papilio had laid eggs before being caught, and the film has an uplifting ending, with her offspring emerging to continue the circle of life.

There's a great supporting cast of tiny creatures that inhabit the green and humid world:

  • Leaf-cutter Ants, consuming 20% of the rainforest's leaves
  • Rhino Beetles, battling for the favours of a female
  • the Trilobite Beetle, hiding its tiny head under armour plating
  • A Scale Bug disguised as a ball of fluff
  • An aggressive Spiny Katydid
  • An Orchid Mantis resembling a flower
  • The Thorn Bug, identical to a thorn

Also skittering across the screen (some magnified to 250,000 times their normal size) are scorpions, tarantulas, frogs, lizards and a colony of three-million bats, which consume two-and-half tons of bugs every night.

From life cycles to ecosystems, this magical film will bring your students face-to-face with an amazing universe of creatures.

Our booking terms for educational groups apply to this event. If you're a general visitor, please see the main event page.

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