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Science Museum

Take a peek at how artificial intelligence is an ever-increasing presence in our lives - from self-driving cars to autonomous drones. For KS3 upwards.

Technology developers are racing to create fully autonomous machines with the ability to make decisions on their own. How many of these smart machines already exist? And how much control are we willing to transfer to them?

Discover more through interactive exhibits, thought-provoking objects and even a retro robot car. Highlights include self-driving cars, autonomous flying drones and smart underwater vehicles like the Autosub Long Range Boaty McBoatface.

Driverless will give students a unique glimpse into the AI-driven tech that could shape the habits, behaviour and society of tomorrow. 

Image credit © Starship Technologies

The exhibition is supported by MathWorks (Principal Sponsor), Direct Line Group (Major Sponsor), PwC (Major Sponsor) and Samsung (Technology Partner).