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The Garden–groups

An exciting hands-on gallery inviting early investigation of science and technology. Recommended for Nursery, Reception and Year 1 (ages 3-6).

The gallery is divided into four zones:

  • Welcoming zone—we welcome your group and give a short briefing about using the gallery. There's also a puppet theatre for children to use.
  • Water zone—watch the water rush down from a huge bucket into a series of pools, explore ripples, bubbles, scooping and pouring, try different ways of moving water, and investigate floating and sinking.
  • Building zone—transport building blocks and build on a big scale; investigate materials and forces, try to find the right tools to tighten screws and bolts, experiment with balancing things and move materials using wheelbarrows, a bucket hoist and a snake chute.
  • Eyes and ears zone—an introduction to reflections, shadows and colour along with making sounds in different ways, predicting rhythms and exploring how sounds can travel.

Our friendly Explainers are on-hand to support your children's experiences. In addition, information panels and short rhymes provide a starting point and keywords to help adults and children approach the activities together.

Follow-up activities

Part of the Science Museum Group