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Science Museum

Find out what it’s like to work in space with astronauts on a critical mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. Recommended for Year 5 upwards.

Take your students on an immersive journey with astronauts performing ‘brain surgery’ on the Hubble Space Telescope.

See them in training for the mission, fly with them on the Space Shuttle and join them on space walks as they perform intricate repairs on the telescope while orbitting the Earth at 17,500 mph.

The film also includes fly-throughs of beautiful and detailed images of distant galaxies and nebulae captured by Hubble.

Our booking terms for educational groups apply to this event.

If you are a general visitor, please see the main film page.

Our film programme is released about three months in advance, although we schedule the films on term time Mondays and Fridays for the whole academic year. Please check back here for other dates later in the year.

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