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Mathematics: The Winton Gallery – school info

Uncover the hidden tales of mathematics and discover how it has shaped our world. Recommended for KS3 upwards.

Mathematics: The Winton Gallery tells the story of how mathematics has shaped our world. It shows that mathematics is at the heart of everything we care about: health, life and death, war and peace, trade, money and more.

An aeroplane hangs in the centre of the gallery. Making aircraft safe is just one example of how mathematics plays an important role in our lives.

In the displays you will find people who use, or used, mathematics every day, at work at home and at play. From salespeople to sailors, gamblers to garden designers, medics to and the military – all of them have interesting stories to tell.

The gallery’s design, by Zaha Hadid Architects,is mathematical. Zaha Hadid studied mathematics and ideas about geometry inspired her work.

Download the gallery guide for Mathematics: The Winton Gallery (PDF)

This gallery is open access and you can explore at any time during your visit. We do not allocate specific time slots so you can fit it around other activities that you may have booked.

This page is for educational groups. For general visitor information, please see the main gallery page.

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