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Science Museum

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Uncover the hidden tales of mathematics and discover how it has shaped our world. Recommended for students aged 12 and over.

The gallery examines the fundamental role mathematicians, their tools and ideas have played in building the modern world. From war and peace to life, death, money, trade and beauty, the objects on display reveal how mathematics connects to every aspect of our lives. 

Students will uncover powerful stories about the work of mathematicians in the broadest sense, from salespeople to sailors, aircraft engineers to bankers, and gamblers to garden designers. These stories span 400 years of human ingenuity, from the renaissance to the present day, with objects ranging from intriguing hand-held mathematical instruments to a 1929 experimental aircraft.

The curved overhead structure and layout of the gallery represents airflow around the Handley Page aircraft suspended at its centre. The design—by Zaha Hadid Architects—was driven by equations of airflow used in the aviation industry, which are still an important area of mathematical research. 

Download the gallery guide for Mathematics: The Winton Gallery (PDF)

To complement a visit to this gallery, request a session in Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery, where there are hands-on maths activities alongside other interactive exhibits to ignite your students' curiosity.

This page is for educational groups. For general visitor information, please see the main gallery page.

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