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Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery – school info

Ignite curiosity in science and maths through more than 50 hands-on exhibits and immersive experiences. A must-do for KS2 and KS3.

Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery enriches learning across the themes of Forces, Electricity, Light, Sound, Matter, Space and Maths.

Alongside over 50 hands-on exhibits, the gallery includes live experiments at the Chemistry Bar, lightning demos at the giant Tesla coil, and our brilliant Explainers to facilitate engagement.

Wonderlab encourages students to be curious, to look closely at details and to be creative—skills that are invaluable to scientists.

"Thank you so much. Our school had an amazing visit. The awe and wonder on the children’s faces as they explored the Wonderlab was unforgettable." Teacher.

Gallery guide

Download the gallery guide to support your visit. It includes a map of the gallery, discussion questions and a list of key exhibits.

Watch the Wonder Show

For education visits to Wonderlab from September 2021 to February 2022, why not add the Wonder Show at 11.45 for just £2.50 per child? 

Watch incredible experiments and demonstrations covering areas of science such as light, forces and sound. It lasts about 20 minutes and booking terms apply.

Regrettably we can't offer the Wonder Show without a booking for the main Wonderlab gallery.


Risk assessment info – allergens and magnets

Some exhibits in Wonderlab use magnets that may affect pacemakers or other medical devices. Warning signs are displayed next to these exhibits.

Allergens such as eggs are used in some of our experiments at the Chemistry Bar.

Please contact us for advice if you have any concerns, or ask an Explainer when you check-in for your pre-booked Wonderlab session.


This page is for educational groups; for general visitor information, please see the main gallery page.


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