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Learning Advisers

Science Museum Learning Advisers help us to test our new ideas and activities and give advice about how to improve them.

This ensures that what we create is engaging, practical, supports the curriculum, and has the ‘wow’ factor that will appeal to students.

    Teachers taking part in a Learning Advisers event at the Science Museum

    In the past our Learning Advisers have been involved in:

    • Piloting classroom resources in their lessons
    • Testing prototype layouts for the Learning area of our website
    • Giving feedback about new exhibitions in relation to school visits

    Would you like to get involved in new opportunities?

    We welcome applications from teachers and educators from all age phases and across a range of subject areas.

    Simply complete the application form and send it back to us.

    We will then contact you when new opportunities arise and you can decide whether you would like to be involved in that particular project.

    Learning Advisers help us in a voluntary capacity, but there is usually a small incentive to thank you for your time. There's no obligation for you to take part unless you want to.

    If you have any questions please email

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