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Science Museum

Experience an inspiring story of human endeavour, bringing our universe to life in this stunning IMAX 3D presentation.

With real images of distant galaxies, the sun and Mars, taken by Hubble and the world’s most powerful telescopes, Hidden Universe takes you on a mesmerising tour of deep space. Travel the terrain of Mars, be immersed in spectacular galaxies billions of years old, and witness the birth of stars as we unlock the mysteries of the cosmos.

Planning a school visit? Find out more information about Hidden Universe 3D for educational groups.

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IMAX Theatre

The foyer is open for IMAX Theatre ticket holders before, during and after your film, providing a great place to meet and to stock up on treats.

Did you know?

  • An IMAX 3D film is actually two films being projected perfectly in synchronisation with each other, one for each eye
  • An IMAX film is so heavy that a forklift is required to lift it in and out of position. If rolled out, the average IMAX film would measure around four miles
  • The IMAX screen is the height of four double-decker buses, and 64 taxis could be parked on top if it were laid flat