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Science Museum

Outreach request form

To request an Outreach visit to your school or venue, please complete the form below.

We are now taking bookings for visits in the spring term (January to March 2018).

If you would like us to visit to your venue in the summer term (April to July 2018), you can make a booking from Tuesday 2 January 2018.

What happens next?

When you submit your form, you should receive an email containing all the details you entered.

Once we've processed your request, we'll send confirmation paperwork for you to sign and return to us. We'll also send an invoice—payment is due within 28 days of making your booking, or immediately if our visit falls within this 28-day period.

Please be aware that your booking isn't confirmed until we receive your signed paperwork and payment.


If you have any questions about making a booking or your group has special requirements that you'd like to discuss, please contact us on 020 7942 4777.

Your details
Your organisation
Are you a SEN school?
Tell us which activities you would like us to present. We can bring props for up to three different activities across the day. Sessions can be repeated.
Facilities at your venue
Please confirm the following:
Any heat/smoke detector style fire alarms can be switched off or isolated in the room we will be using
The room we are using will need to be cleared for break/lunch times (if yes please specify times)
The room we will be using is on the ground floor with step-free access, or there is a lift if the room is on an upper level
Access is required for moving our props and equipment
The room we will be using has at least two power sockets
The room we will be using has easy access to a sink with running water—ideally large enough to fill a bucket
There is onsite parking for a van with easy, step-free access to the venue
There is an area for overnight storage of props if they are couriered to your venue a day in advance
What we will need
Can you provide us with the following:
A projector screen?
Two trestle tables?
Additional information
Booking terms
Please read our booking terms before proceeding.
Confirmation of your booking

Your booking is not confirmed until you have received an email confirmation from us. If you do not hear from us within three working days, please call on 020 7942 4777, explaining that you have submitted this form.

Privacy Policy
The contact information you have provided will be used only in accordance with our Privacy Policy.