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Science Museum

Objects and stories

Explore our collection beyond the museum floor and find out the fascinating histories behind even the smallest objects.

Objects and Stories aims to give you better access to this world-class Museum through our ever-expanding digital resources. Search for over 250,000 objects and archives in Collection Online, take a look at our curator's highlights below, and discover unique and compelling stories—from objects that have changed our world to the intriguing personal histories that lie behind them.  


The Science Museum archives hold original records of some of the most famous and influential individuals and companies in the fields of science, medicine, engineering and industry.

Find out how to explore the archive catalogue or view the archives in person.

This historic and important archive contains three main types of material: 1) Babbage’s notebooks, 2) engineering drawings and 3) notations which describe the way parts are intended to act and can be thought of as 'walk throughs' or 'traces' of micro-programs for various models or plans of the engines.