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2024: Science Predictions for the Year Ahead

What does the year ahead hold in store for science and technology? Join a panel of scientists and science journalists for the inside scoop. 

2023 saw many big breakthroughs in the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Remarkable progress in AI accompanied by cautionary messages from some AI pioneers, the ground breaking achievement of creating a stem cell model of the human embryo, India’s historic moon landing, and the announcement of the UK’s first-ever astronaut mission are amongst other big stories. 

Some of this year’s biggest stories will no doubt involve the moon, with 2024 set to be the most significant period of lunar exploration since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin first touched down in 1969, but elsewhere in science, what will El Niño mean for global weather? What medical discoveries might we see in 2024? And what leaps will be made in tech?

To discuss the year ahead in science and tech, we are joined by an expert panel. Speakers include:  

  • Catherine De Lange—Editor of New Scientist. 
  • Laura Joy Pieters—Curator of Contemporary Science, Science Museum. 
  • Matt Reynolds—Senior Writer at WIRED and author of How to Feed the World without Destroying It, published in 2020. 
  • Dr Roger Highfield—Science Director, Science Museum; visiting professor at the Dunn School, Oxford and UCL Department of Chemistry; member of the UKRI-Medical Research Council. 
  • Bobby Seagull (Chair)—Maths teacher, author of The Life-Changing Magic of Numbers, co-presenter of the Maths Appeal podcast and co-presenter of TV series Monkman & Seagull’s Genius Guide to Britain.

This event is part of Chinese New Years Lates, where we’ll be celebrating the Year of the Dragon and the opening of Zimingzhong 凝时聚珍: Clockwork Treasures from China’s Forbidden City, our new exhibition about Chinese clockwork.