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Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom

Curiosity and investigation are central to furthering our understanding of the universe today. Ancient Greek thinkers shared a similar philosophy.

Step back through millennia in our free exhibition Ancient Greeks: Science and Wisdom and discover how this ancient civilization questioned, contemplated, and debated the natural world.

Through the intellectual fusion of the arts, science and religion, ancient Greek thinkers sought to understand the world in a logical and mathematical way.

From the stars in the night sky to the multitude of animals in the sea, discover the significance of their insights through iconic sculptures, musical instruments and more.

Uncover new knowledge about the ancient Greeks through the latest scientific research and discover objects and artworks steeped in history, brought together in the UK for the first time.

  • Please note: to protect the objects on display, this exhibition space has low lighting levels throughout.
  • Download the large-print book for this exhibition ahead of your visit.

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Avra Foundation and Andonis and Filippos Lemos

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The John S Cohen Foundation

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