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Join us for Astronights, an overnight science extravaganza at the Science Museum.

If your child has ever wanted to explore the museum after dark, or if the idea of spending the night in one of our iconic galleries fills them with excitement, then they’ll love Astronights, our sleepover for children.

With workshops, shows and activities—rounded off with breakfast and an interactive science show to boost your morning energy—it will be a night they never forget.


Get ready to get surgical in our medicine-themed adventure. At Astronights you will discover the different ways we humans have attempted to fix bodies and fight disease, as well as getting up-close and personal with our medicine collection.

We have workshops and science shows to keep your brains working and hands busy.

For a flavour of what to expect download the programme.

Booking details and information 

The Museum is temporarily closed.

In the meantime, we have range of home Learning Resources including educational games, videos and activities.

While our doors will be closed for a while, our incredible collection—and the inspirational stories it contains—remains open to you online. 

Given the uncertainty we are all facing together, it is not possible to say when our museums will be able to re-open to visitors, but we look forward to welcoming you back as soon as we can.

Scheduled dates


Children with special educational needs

We want to make your night as relaxed as possible. Email us to discuss how we can support you and your group.

We run a SENsory Astronights once a year so that children with special educational needs can enjoy a night at the Museum in a quieter and less crowded environment.

Find out more about SENsory Astronights


  • Astronights sleepovers run on selected Fridays and Saturdays throughout the year
  • You will need to bring your own food and sleeping bag
  • Only suitable for children aged 7-11
  • For full details please see FAQs

Frequently asked questions