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Big Dance film shorts

Drop by the Media Café and take in short film screenings throughout the day.

Where Are You From?

Big Dance Shorts is a partnership between Channel 4 and the UK's Big Dance organisation that aims to stimulate new and creative collaborations between dance and film professionals.

Each one of the following four short films is inspired by dance and has at its heart an element of collaboration between the UK and India. We're delighted to be screening them as part of Illuminating India: Family Festival and UK/India 2017. 


A table-top dance, a playful duet between Indian and British approaches to the everyday act of making and enjoying a calming cup of tea. Directed by Elena Nebreda and choreographed by Avatâra Ayuso.

Ek Choti Si Asha - A Small Dream

A poetic and magical response using dance to portray India’s 2018 lunar mission. We watch as a female dancer uses dance to tell the story of a little robot that will arrive on the face of the moon. A new collaboration between British film-makers Rachel Davies and Daniel Saul and Indian choreographer and dancer Hemabharathy Palani.

But Where Are You From?

This film is a magical moving canvas that looks at the differences between us and the ways that who we are can change. Directed by up-and-coming Welsh-Indian Director Tina Pasotra.

City Mirrors 

Do the buildings around us mould our movements? Shape our steps? Set to a backdrop of an original score and based on the raw architecture of the 1950s-1970s, choreographer Paleta CalmQuality explores these ideas using the traditional and the avant-garde. Directed by Kate Cox.

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