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Easter holiday chemistry celebration

Let’s party—it’s the 150th birthday of the Periodic Table of the Elements!

To celebrate, join us for free Chemistry-themed family activities and explore the chemistry all around us with shows, workshops, tours and demonstrations!


Shows and demonstrations

Audience volunteering at a Cracking Chemistry show

Cracking Chemistry

Dates: 6–22 April 
Times: 13.30 and 14.30
Location: Hans Rausing Lecture Theatre, Level 0

Discover the wonderful world of Chemistry in this explosive show. With experiments including everything from party balloons to cake, we promise you’ll have a blast!


Dates: 9 April
Times: 11.20, 12.20, 13.20, 14.20
Location: Chemistry Bar, Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery 

In Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery, a chemistry professional will be helping out with demonstrations to help you discover the amazing world of chemistry and what it takes to be a scientist. 
Please note that Wonderlab is ticketed. To book your tickets in advance, click here. 

Interactive events

Workshop at the Science Museum

It’s a Chem-Mystery workshop 

Date: 6–22 April
Time: 12.30 and 15.30
Location: Who Am I? gallery, Level 1

Become chemistry detectives in the case of the missing mauveine!

Object Handling

Dates: Click here for full dates
Times: Drop-in between 12.00-16.00
Age: 6+
Location: Information Age gallery, Level 2

Join our volunteers in our Chemistry-themed Object Handling: What’s it Made Of? Get hands-on with a variety of objects, and discover what elements your phone contains, how batteries work and why some things are magnetic and others aren’t! 

Hands-on activities

Dates: 9–13 and 15–18 April
Times: Drop-in between 12.00-16.00
Age: 6+
Location: Information Age gallery, Level 2

Discover more about the elements around you! Join us for an interactive activities run by chemistry professionals to find more about what chemistry is and how you use it everyday! 



Children enjoying a Marvellous mistakes storytelling

Marvellous Mistakes

Date: 6–22 April   
Time: 11.00
Location: Mathematics gallery, Level 2

Find out what amazing inventions came from marvellous mistakes in this family storytelling session.



Material House by Thomas Hedderwick

Location: Challenge of Materials gallery
See full list of days and times.  

Take our family friendly Chemistry Challenge Tour and discover what things are made of and the properties of materials.

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