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Explore our fascinating gallery that celebrates engineers and how they shape the world we live in.

Human stories are at the heart of the Engineers gallery, where visitors can take a closer look at iconic objects such as the first digital camera, the cutting-edge CMR ‘Versius’ surgical robot arm and a miniature atomic clock that the entire GPS system depended upon, as well as learn more about the remarkable people who invented them.

These stories sit within four distinct sections:

  • Bodies looks at how controlled drug delivery and surgical robots place people and their bodies at the heart of precision engineering practice. 
  • In Lives​, LED lighting and digital imaging sensors​ illustrate how engineers’ powers of visualisation shape technology to new and successful outcomes. 
  • In Connections​, GPS, internet and web technologies show engineering as a connected practice, with diverse teams enabling the connections humanity depends upon.
  • Creating​ looks at how engineers are are imaginative people. Their creativity is central to developing amazing innovations which can change the world. 

Visitors can also see the Virtual Heart display, a large-scale virtual simulation created by bioengineer Dr Jazmín Aguado Sierra using scans of her own heart. The virtual heart, located in the Bodies section, functions just like her real heart and shows the intricate interactions between electrical impulses, muscle contraction and blood flow.

The gallery celebrates our engineering heritage and showcase innovations through the global lens of the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering—the world’s leading award for engineers— with current and past prize winners featured throughout.

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