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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (15) + Q&A

Watch Michel Gondry’s unique depiction of love, loss and the power of memory, accompanied by a conversation between scientists Dr Charan Ranganath, author of Why We Remember, and Dr Julia Shaw, author of The Memory Illusion.

After a painful breakup, Clementine (Kate Winslet) undergoes a procedure to erase memories of her former boyfriend Joel (Jim Carrey) from her mind. When Joel discovers that Clementine is going to extremes to forget their relationship, he undergoes the same procedure and slowly begins to forget the woman that he loved. Directed by former music video director Michel Gondry, the visually arresting film explores the intricacy of relationships and the pain of loss. 

This screening will be accompanied by a conversation between Dr Charan Ranganath, memory researcher at the University of California, and psychologist Dr Julia Shaw. Dr Charan Ranganath is the author of Why We Remember, a radical re-examination of memory published in the UK by Faber on 14 March. 

The theme of March Lates is love, looking at what the latest research can tell us about this strongest of human emotions. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is a fascinating example of cinema’s ability to explore that intersection between love, science, and memory, and allow us to reflect on what it means for our own lives.


  • Dr Charan Ranganath–Director of the Memory and Plasticity Programme and a Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of California at Davis; author of Why We Remember: Unlocking Memory's Power to Hold on to What Matters
  • Dr Julia Shaw—Honorary Research Associate in the University College London (UCL) Division of Psychology and Language Sciences (PALS). Bestselling author of The Memory Illusion. 
  • Dr Glyn Morgan (Chair)—Curator, Exhibitions, Science Museum. 

  • Please note, this is a non-IMAX format digital presentation. 
  • Exclusive, early signed copies of Charan Ranganath’s Why We Remember (RRP £20) are available by selecting the ‘Admission + Signed Book’ ticket. Books will be available to collect on the night, ahead of the official publication date of March 14.
  • Copies of Dr Julia Shaw’s The Memory Illusion will be available to purchase on the night.