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From Athens to Andromeda: When Ancient Greece Looked to the Stars 

How did ancient Greek thinkers influence modern astronomy? And how did ancient Greek astronomy shape ideas around humanity’s place in the universe?  

Ancient Greek thinkers made huge contributions, along with other ancient civilisations, to accelerate our understanding of the stars above. Driving the field of astronomy into a new era, their contributions helped to transform ideas around not just science, but religion, philosophy and culture more broadly.  

Join a panel of experts to learn of the leaps and bounds ancient Greek minds made in the field of astronomy and hear about how thinkers such as Anaxagoras and Aristarchus explained eclipses and identified that the Earth revolves around the Sun. 

The panel will examine how the ancient Greeks determined the secrets of the universe to be discoverable through mathematics, and also explore the remarkable discovery of the world’s oldest analogue computer, the 2,000-year-old Antikythera Mechanism—thought to have been used to predict astronomical positions and movements of our solar system. 

Speakers include:

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