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Football Weekly Live versus Science

The Science Museum teams up with The Guardian’s award-winning Football Weekly podcast for a very special science-centric live show

Max Rushden, Barry Glendenning and special guests take to the Science Museum IMAX stage to give their alternative take on the world of football and, for one night only, they’ll be delving into the science behind the beautiful game.

Joining them on the night will be not only a number of Guardian staffers known and loved by regular listeners, but a whole host of scientists, researchers and experts to chew the fat about all things science and football. Could augmented reality change the way fans watch the game? What do advances in wearable tech hold in store for players? Should robots replace referees? And just how long will it be until we see a preseason friendly on the Moon?  Football Weekly Live versus Science aims to get to the bottom of all that and more.

This event takes place on the same night at Science Museum Lates. To beat the queues, your entrance for this event will be via the Dana Research Centre, 165 Queens Gate, SW7 5HD.

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