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Live Science

Live Science is an ongoing project in which scientists carry out research in the museum using visitors as volunteers. Take part and find out more about yourself. Nothing dangerous—just fun, interesting experiments.

Our next project, starting on 24 October 2019, is:

Can a 3D scan of your body change the world?

In this Live Science experiment scientists from Imperial University London and UCL need your help to create a large and diverse collection of 3D body scans of the human body.

Using a cutting edge camera system participants will be scanned and then able to see and manipulate their own digital body in 3D.

The 3D models created with this experiment could be really useful to a wide group of scientists and engineers who need to understand how diverse the human body can be and how we move about. These include fields as varied as medicine, bio-engineering and prosthetics design, and even special effects in movies and video game design.

This research project is suitable for those 8+ and parental consent will be required for those below 15 years.

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