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Mathematics: The Winton Gallery tour

Join us for an inspiring tour of this award-winning gallery led by one of our volunteer guides.

From war and peace to life, death, money, trade and beauty—explore Mathematics: the Winton Gallery with one of our fantastic volunteer guides in a tour that showcases how mathematics connects to every aspect of our lives.

Hear about some fascinating stories and objects such as:

  • The inspiration behind Dame Zaha Hadid’s structure and layout of the Mathematics Gallery, driven by mathematics and equations.
  • Florence Nightingale and her devotion to mathematical practice and the study of statistics, that drove her through her career in nursing and medical reform.
  • A three-ring Enigma Machine, used by Germany and its allies to send encrypted military messages throughout World War II.

Our volunteer guides are also delivering short 10-15 minutes Spotlight talks on their favourite objects and stories displayed on gallery.


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