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Moon Conspiracy Theorists Explained

Despite evidence to the contrary, some people refuse to believe in the most iconic technological feat of the 20th century: the 1969 Moon landing. But why?

In spite of irrefutable proof of the Apollo 11 lunar landing, theories persist that it was an elaborate hoax. In this discussion chaired by presenter and author Dallas Campbell (Bang Goes the Theory, Stargazing Live), a panel of experts in space science and the nature of conspiracy theories will attempt to get to the bottom of just why conspiracy theories take root.

In addition to giving some common Moon landing conspiracy theories a thorough and definitive debunking, we delve into the nature of conspiracy theory, exploring its psychological and sociological roots. We'll also examine the rise and influence of modern factors such as social media and the proliferation of fake news.

Speakers on the night include:

  • Dallas Campbell – broadcaster and author of 'Ad Astra: A Definite Guide to Leaving the Planet'
  • Sue Horne – Head of Space Exploration, UK Space Agency
  • Doug Millard – Space Gallery Curator, Science Museum
  • Professor Sir Richard Evans – Director of Leverhulme-funded project Conspiracy & Democracy
  • Dr Daniel Jolley – Lecturer in Psychology and Head of the Conspiracy Psychology Lab, Staffordshire University