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Pattern Pod

The Science Museum is temporarily closed. Sign up below to be emailed when Pattern Pod tickets go on sale.

Pattern Pod is an amazing multi-sensory area for children under 8 years old.

In Pattern Pod, children can explore water ripples without getting their feet wet, create symmetrical images on touch screens, follow robot trails and much more. Fun, interactive exhibits encourage them to recognise and copy patterns—or create entirely new ones of their own.

Like scientists, children explore the world by trying to make predictions about events happening around them. It’s often easier to make these predictions if these events repeat themselves or if there is a pattern to them.

Visit Pattern Pod on the ground floor of the museum—it’s a fun and stimulating place where children can learn through play to develop their science skills.

Booking free timeslot tickets for Pattern Pod

  • The gallery is very popular so we strongly recommend booking your free tickets in advance.
  • Timeslots are 20 minutes long. Please arrive in plenty of time as you won’t be able to extend your slot if you’re late.
  • Please book tickets for all children visiting the gallery.
  • Children aren’t able to visit the gallery unaccompanied so please also book adult tickets. If possible, please limit the number of adults visiting at once so we can allow more groups in.
  • Please allow 15 minutes from the main entrance to reach the gallery.

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