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Rapid Response: How Science Created the Fastest Vaccine in History

A panel of experts including Sir Patrick Vallance and others closest to the race to develop and deploy a COVID-19 vaccine discuss their work in this free online talk.

Medical science was at the forefront of the response to the coronavirus pandemic—developing, manufacturing and rolling out multiple safe vaccines to combat the disease. But how did this remarkable achievement happen at such breakneck speed?

As scientific achievements go, it’s surely up there with humanity’s greatest ever—and an endeavour that, thanks to huge investments and global cooperation, took less than a year. Hear the panel explain the process that enabled us to begin bringing about the end of the pandemic by creating the fastest vaccine in history

Speakers include:

  • Professor Ajit Lalvani: Chair of Infectious Diseases & Director, National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Health Protection Research Unit in Respiratory Infections, Imperial College London
  • Emily Lawson: Chief Commercial Officer, NHS England
  • Kate Bingham: Former Chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce
  • Sir Patrick Vallance: UK Government Chief Scientific Adviser
  • Professor Sarah Gilbert: Professor of Vaccinology, Oxford University and co-founder of Vaccitech
  • Ayshah Tull (Chair): Multi-award-winning reporter and broadcaster for Channel 4 News