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Research Seminar Series Summer 2019

We are pleased to announce our research seminar series for Summer 2019.

These seminars are free to attend and open to Science Museum staff, students, museum professionals and academics with a research interest in the history of science, technology, medicine and museums as well as material and visual culture more broadly. 

Feel free to bring a packed lunch to eat during the seminar.

Scheduled dates

Seminar dates

Rethinking Research in the Museum: Emily Pringle (Tate)
Date: Tuesday 4 June, 13.00–14.00
Location: Dana Studio

Discovering the Sea that Wasn't: August Petermann, Elisha Kent Kane, and the Making of the Open Polar Sea: Nanna KL Kaalund and John Woitkowitz (University of Cambridge)
Date: Tuesday 18 June, 13.00–14.00 
Location: Dana Study

Seeing Red (or maybe green): Colour Blindness in Literature and Culture, c. 1860–1940: Cleo Hanaway-Oakley (Science Museum/University of Bristol)
Date: Tuesday 2 July, 13.00–14.00
Location: Dana Study

Late-Victorian Amateurs and the Creation of Astronomical Communities: Bernie Lightman (York University)
Date: Tuesday 9 July, 16.30–18.00
Location: Dana Studio

The Battersea Controversy: Amenity, Security and the National Grid: Paul Coleman (National Science & Media Museum)
Date: Tuesday 16 July, 13.00–14.00
Location: Dana Studio

Representing the Past and Selling Historical "Authenticity" in Rockstar Games: Esther Wright (University of Warwick)
Date: Tuesday 30 July, 13.00–14.00
Location: Dana Studio