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Science Museum

Discover how London grew from a bustling capital city to a global hub for trade, commerce, and scientific enquiry between 1550 and 1800.

Revealing the quest for new ideas, knowledge and practical techniques that preoccupied London during this period of transformation, Science City 1550–1800 unites three extraordinary collections: the Science Museum Group’s scientific instruments, the King George III collection from King’s College London, and objects and artworks lent by the Royal Society.

Together these collections chart the birth of understanding through experimentation and precision measurement as London became a globally important hub of trade, exploration and scientific enquiry.


Covering over 650 square metres, the gallery design by Gitta Gschwendtner will create an abstract cityscape that will immerse you in a contemporary interpretation of historic London. 

Planning a school visit? Find out more information about the gallery for educational groups.

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